Sarina is one of our Supported Independent Living clients and loves animals.  She is a member of the Perth Zoo and attends regularly and loves the African Savana. Her favourite animals to visit are the elephants, zebras, giraffes and the orangutans. Sarina walks many kilometres around the Zoo.

It was Sarina’s birthday recently and we asked her if she would like to feed the giraffes which she seemed excited about. We were not sure how it was going to go as the stairs are fairly steep to get up to the top level. Once we got there, Sarina was full steam ahead up the steps laughing the whole way in anticipation.

Sarina first fed the giraffe some leaves and then carrots and his tongue was very spiky and long. Sarina loves looking at the photos and videos we took laughing and repeating “carrots” with a huge smile on her face reminiscing about her special birthday.

It was an amazing experience.

And we love sharing our client’s milestones.