Turn your pocket change into someone’s possibilities.

Your one-off or monthly donation can help us open up a world of possibilities for someone in need of support. Your gift will make a difference, no matter how big or small.

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Do you believe in the power of small change making a big impact? Then Possibility Pennies is the right donor group for you.

We’re not asking for a lot – just your pocket change and those extra few dollars you may not even notice are missing. But when pooled together, these seemingly insignificant contributions transform into life-changing opportunities for individuals living with disabilities.

Imagine your spare change helping to fund specialised equipment so someone can move through the world with more ease. Or funding a project that helps give confidence to young people with disability as they transition to adulthood. That’s the magic of Possibility Pennies.

By joining us, you become part of a community dedicated to turning small acts of generosity into monumental moments of empowerment.

And here’s the kicker – while a one-time donation is fantastic, committing to a monthly contribution amplifies your impact exponentially. Whether you choose to give $5 or $50, you’re not just giving pocket change – you’re giving hope and independence and opening up a world of possibilities.

If you believe in the transformative power of possibility and the potential hidden within your pocket change, make a gift to Possibility Pennies today.

Together, let’s turn cents into smiles, one donation at a time.

Donate Now

Donate by phone

Call us on 08 9314 8900

Donate by email or mail

Download and complete our donation form and make payment by cheque, credit card or EFT.

Email the completed form to: possibilities@mosaic.org.au

Post to: 
Mosaic Community Care
C/- Executive Manager Marketing and Partnerships
2 Sabre Crescent
Jandakot WA 6164

Should you wish to make a more significant donation, visit our Annual Giving Program page or contact us on 08 9314 8900.

If you are interested in leaving a bequest in your Will, please call us on 08 9314 8900 or visit our Gifts in Wills page for more information.

Want more information?

We invite you to get in touch to talk about how you can support us to give more people with disability the gift of possibilities. Contact us on possibilities@mosaic.org.au or (08) 9314 8900.