Whatever you want to do or achieve, from everyday activities to big life goals, we’ll work with you to open up new experiences and possibilities

What’s on your wish list?

Our Community Access and Support team helps people with disability aged 18-65 set and achieve their personal goals.

Making new friends. Taking up a sport or hobby. Socialising or volunteering. Pursuing further education, getting a job and building a career. Or just getting out and about, doing shopping and keeping appointments.

Whatever you have in mind, our experienced Support Workers will develop an evolving life plan with you and provide the friendly support you need to realise your goals, safely and enjoyably.

Mosaic is awesome I am loving it! It’s so nice to know I have someone to support me with the tasks that I wouldn’t normally be able to do on my own.


People you’ll like. Experiences you’ll love.

You’ll have a dedicated Support Worker who shares your interests – someone you’ll enjoy spending time with – to help you do the things you want to do.

They will always have your safety and wellbeing in mind, but our support and your plan are all about you.

We’re here to encourage you and support you every step of the way, nurturing the skills and confidence you need to do the things you want to do at a pace that suits you.

Tell us about your dreams and goals.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or try? Any ambitions you want to achieve? Tell us about them. Let’s make them happen.

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