Have you met the heroes of our first-ever campaign?

Meet Jason, Tracey, Wayne, Eric and Daniel, the stars of our first-ever campaign, created to inspire people with disability in Perth. You might have seen our stars in the newspaper, on social or even touring Perth on the back of buses!

Inspiring people with disability through inspiring stories

Our campaign is designed to raise Mosaic’s profile in the community by encouraging people with disability to tell us what they love doing and what goals they want to achieve, so we can provide the personalised support they need to do it.

But it’s our group of intrepid heroes who are the real stars of the campaign.

Jason, Tracey, Wayne, Eric and Daniel all feature in their own ads and on the campaign landing page, where they share their stories, telling us about all the things they’ve been able to do and the goals they’ve been able to achieve with the help and encouragement of their Mosaic support workers.

In Jason’s ad, he tells us about his love of puzzles, billiards and the mighty Fremantle Dockers, who he goes to watch whenever he can. In her ad, Tracey tells us that, on top of learning to become a talented public speaker, she has written and published a series of children’s books.

Bowling kingpin Wayne tells us that he has been able to volunteer and become an MC with the help of his Mosaic team, while Eric tells us about his passion for fishing and model-making and student Daniel tells us about his love of gaming and Jiu jitsu.

Not all heroes wear capes

By being brave enough to share their stories with the world, Jason, Tracey, Wayne, Eric and Daniel are inspiring many more people with disability in Perth to pursue their passions and ambitions, with our team providing whatever support they need. Since the campaign started, we’ve already been contacted by 84 people with disability who have been inspired by our heroes.

Big thanks to Jason, Tracey, Wayne, Eric and Daniel.