The Mosaic Consultancy Services team has recently completed a team coaching journey with Ro Gorrell. Comprised of Occupational and Speech Therapists, Behaviour Support Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Support Coordinators, the team has a wealth of experience.

As a new and evolving team, they met to discover their shared purpose, how to best work together and communicate clearly with each other, how to develop their best selves within the team and ultimately to deliver the best outcomes for the people with disability they support.

Daniel, one of the participants commented “The team coaching experience was something I was initially unsure of what to expect having not been through anything like it in the past. It opened up a lot of great conversations within the team and gave us a lot of helpful tools to use moving forward to grow as a team. We now incorporate we what learnt during the sessions into our team meetings and I think we have all learnt a lot.”

The day was a great success with reflections and shared understanding developed, as well as a great energy for the future of the Mosaic Consultancy Services team.