Specialist Support Coordination & Positive Behaviour Support Services with Mosaic

Our team has expanded and we can now offer Specialist Support Coordination services and have immediate 
capacity for Positive Behaviour Support!

Specialist Support Coordination

A Specialist Support Coordinator offers a higher level of support coordination and is a qualified and experienced 
practitioner who assists clients with complex needs.
Our Specialist Support Coordinator has a strong understanding of the NDIS and local knowledge of mainstream and 
disability services and supports available to clients, and the ability to navigate through complex situations and systems.

Positive Behaviour Support

Meet our new Positive Behaviour Support practitioner, Marie-Claire, who has immediate capacity to provide support!
Originally from Chile, Marie-Claire moved to Perth where she has been working within disability services in a range of roles, 
which has given her valuable knowledge and experience in the position of a Behaviour Support Practitioner.

With a professional background in Speech Pathology and Neuropsychology, Marie-Claire has varied skills and experience 
which she feels helps to better understand Positive Behaviour Support and challenging behaviours.

Please get in touch via 9314-8900 or hello@mosaic.org.au to chat more about how we can help you achieve your goals.