The Australian Federal Government has commenced a Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability. Pippa Cebis, Mosaic Community Care CEO, provided the following editorial in the Community Newspaper following the announcement:

Royal Commissions can do two things: Give voice to those people who are desperate to be heard. Or, send fear down the spines of those who have got away with wrongs for so long.

Mosaic Community Care fully supports the Royal Commission into disability. It is long overdue. And, thankfully, it extends beyond organisations like Mosaic to the hundreds and thousands of regulated and unregulated service providers, from taxi services to cleaners, to disability support workers.

It should also examine how well, or not, the needs of people with disability are being met. The National Disability Insurance Scheme has caused confusion for many and hopefully, this will be the start of clearing the way for consistent quality across the sector.

Sadly in many cases, it has not assisted and has added red tape to already fraught situations. Ultimately, it is the families who suffer and it is those families the majority of the sector strives to help day to day.

Some providers are reaching out to their clients and inviting them to raise any concerns or uncertainty they may be feeling following the announcement. We also encourage past and present clients and families to do the same. Your safety is and must be the sector’s primary focus, allowing people with disability to live the life they choose, free of abuse, exploitation, neglect or violence.

If you are feeling uncertain about what the commission may hold for you or your loved one, I can only recommend that you reach out to your service providers and support. If that is Mosaic, the contact link is below.

Mosaic Community Care fully support the Commission and will provide updates via our News tab on this website as needed.

Pippa Cebis – CEO Mosaic Community Care


Contact Mosaic Quality and Safeguarding Team (details on our contact page)

To learn more about the Royal Commission or to receive updates, visit The Royal Commission Website

Download the Easy to Read Fact Sheet here: Easy-to-Read Fact Sheet