Mosaic recently supported Graeme from Ballarat who visited Perth on holiday. His reason for coming here was to attend the WWE wrestling event at Optus Stadium. Mosaic Support Worker Kashee picked him up from the airport, went with him to the event and took him back to the airport for his flight home. And in between, she supported Graeme as he enjoyed visiting a very wide range of places including: AQWA, Kings Park, Beatty Park, Fremantle Maritime Museum, Perth Zoo, the Nostalgia Box (a vintage computer game museum) and Perth City.

Graeme also managed to squeeze in a visit to Scarborough Beach to go swimming as well as Adventure World, where he fulfilled a long-held dream to have a ride on a go kart. And then to top it off he trod the path of many AC/DC fans and squeezed in a pilgrimage to Bon Scott’s grave at Fremantle Cemetery.

Graeme said it had been a long time since he had a holiday away and he had a great time. His favourite part of the trip was of course, the wrestling.

Because the NDIS provides uniform funding across Australia, Graeme was able to use his funding across different states. Graeme’s Ballarat Support talked to Graeme on the phone while he was here, and also provided Kashee with some information on how to best support him while he was in Perth.

We were really pleased to be able to support Graeme while he enjoyed his holiday in Perth.