Our people are Mosaic’s strongest asset. And we know that because our clients, their families and guardians and our partners tell us how wonderful they are.

Which is why we were thrilled recently to receive two national workplace awards based on the results of our annual Employee Engagement Survey run through Voice Project.

Voice Project is a leading provider of employee engagement, customer service and 360 leadership surveys, working with organisations who are committed to empowering their workforce, giving their employees a voice and creating positive change.

Our survey results were so strong that we received the following national Voice Project awards:  

  • Best Workplace Award – This award is designed to recognise high performing organisations that have generated high levels of staff satisfaction, demonstrating excellent management practices and a highly engaged workforce. 
  • Change Champion Award – This award recognises large improvements in employee experience.

Overall, 70% of staff completed the survey which is the strongest engagement result for several years. We are very pleased to report that the feedback from employees showed an improvement between our last two surveys in every category.

Because Voice Project conducts surveys across Australia, the results of our survey are measured against industry benchmarks to provide us with a tangible measure of where we sit in our sector. These results were also extremely positive as we scored in the top 10% of our sector out of 18,000 employee responses for Job Satisfaction.  

We also out performed the Disability Industry Benchmark for overall Staff Satisfaction with our results being described by Voice Project as ‘exceptional’.