After a two-year postponement due to the pandemic, in early February 2022 Wayne had the opportunity to undertake a five-day voyage aboard the Leeuwin II, sailing between Fremantle and Rottnest. Sponsored by Mosaic, Wayne took part in the annual Ultimate Challenge which is a personal development program for people with disability to strengthen self-esteem, self‑confidence and self-efficacy.

We were delighted to hear that Wayne had a fabulous time aboard and enjoyed such activities as climbing the mast and night watch duties. He describes the trip as “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had” and said that he returned from the trip a more positive person. Wayne did such a great job onboard that he has been invited back as a volunteer to help facilitate the experience for others which he is very excited about. Congratulations Wayne on completing this journey to achieve your goal.

Wayne on the Leeuwin