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Mosaic welcomes Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework

The NDIS Commission has announced the release of its Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework.

This establishes the capabilities required of Behaviour Support Practitioners providing under the NDIS.

Mosaic CEO Ms Pippa Cebis said of the move:

Mosaic welcomes the release of the PBS Capability Framework. The role of practitioners in increasing the well-being and quality of people with disability requiring behaviour support services is a crucial one.

The Framework will provide a consistent set of standards by which excellence in the field can be obtained.

Our own PBS team, experienced as they are, also welcomes the Framework‘s focus on capability building and career progression for the PBS practitioner.

The NDIS aim of the Positive Behaviour Support Capability Framework is to “strengthen the safeguards for people receiving behaviour support and to demonstrate a clear commitment to the reduction and elimination of restrictive practices.”

The Framework establishes clear expectations for practitioners, assisting them to move towards a higher standard of practice. This is achieved by focusing on the knowledge and skills underpinning contemporary evidence-based practice.

The Framework also acknowledges the diversity and variation of the sector’s capability in delivering behaviour support. It provides a pathway for professional progression for practitioners by recognising four different levels of practitioner skills and knowledge:

  • core
  • proficient
  • advanced
  • specialist

An Assessment Resource Toolkit is being developed for release soon to assist and guide practitioners and providers on implementing the assessment process.

Self Assessment

The Toolkit lists resources that behaviour support practitioners can use for self-assessment against the Capability Framework.

The Commission advised they will soon release a compendium to the PBS Capability Framework. This will provide a list of useful assessments and resources relevant to the provision of behaviour support and the measurement of outcomes.

Mosaic’s Executive for Quality and Safeguarding, Ms Wendy Palmer, said that work had been underway for a substantial length of time to continually improve the quality of behaviour supports and service for people with disability.

She said, “It is the Mosaic processes that ensure consistency over the course of a person’s plan from one year to the next.

“It’s not about doing things once well, or twice well. It is consistently delivering quality that makes a difference in our clients’ lives.”

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Download the NDIS PBS Support Capability Framework

[Article sourced from the NDIS official release dated 24 June 2019.]

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