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Mosaic finalists in WA Disability Support Awards

Mosaic Community Care have been awarded a finalist berth at the 2019 WA Disability Support Awards. Coral House, a Mosaic supported accommodation home south of Perth, was one of just three finalists in the category of Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion.


The awards are a way of families and the community in recognising the hard work and dedication of those working in the disability sector. They honour disability support workers who provide the highest standard of support to increase the quality of life and inclusion of people with disability.


The nomination was submitted by the family of a Mosaic client, Navid. Navid, 50, was born in Iran, follows the Baha’i’ Faith and understands the Persian language. He moved into Coral House in August 2015.


Tracey Hicks, a 34-year-old children’s book author who was born with spina bifida and is supported by Mosaic, also nominated Mosaic and her Mosaic support worker Kate Miocevich in the same category. While Kate was not a finalist, Tracey believes she is every bit a winner, describing in her nomination how Kate helped her out tremendously with confidence and assistance in attending gym activities.


“Kate is very patient, kind, keen and enthusiastic,” wrote Tracey. “Not only do I receive physical help from Kate, but I am also able to speak to Kate on an emotional level where I am then able to rationalise things with a clear mind.”


Before moving into Coral House, Navid was living with his elderly mother who provided all his support needs, but unfortunately due to her health needs, she was unable to assist Navid in attending the community or religious events which meant so much to him. As a result he felt disconnected from the Baha’i’ Community


Led by House Coordinator, Jack Hannington, the Coral team researched local Baha’i’ groups and events in Rockingham with a plan to help Navid achieve his NDIS goal of reconnecting with community.


Navid’s brother, who submitted the nomination, wrote, “Due to the love, extra care and attention the Coral House team have shown for Navid, he has absolutely achieved this goal.


“Not only that, the Team have ultimately positively influenced the lives of the Rockingham Baha’i’ Community and Navid’s housemates, who now have gained better understanding and respect for Navid’s culture and values.”


He continued, “From here the Coral House Team have gone above and beyond to ensure Navid’s cultural connection is strengthened and maintained.”


The team went over and above their required duties, immersing themselves in the Baha’i’ traditions.


At a time when Navid’s health had declined dramatically, Jack and his team invited the Baha’i’ Community of Rockingham into Navid’s home to celebrate Nowruz, the Baha’i/Persian New Year. After much research, they were able to set up a Haft Sin, a traditional Persian table setting for the occasion. Many items are not easily found in Australia however this did not deter the team from successfully locating every item required.


Shamim Farnham of the Baha’i’ Community of Rockingham said of the nomination: “We have had such a great rapport with the staff and residents at Coral house. I have known Navid for many years and knew him before his accident and we use to talk about great things.


“It is heartening to see him taken such good care of and how attentive the staff are to his needs. They come to 90% of activities we invite them to and always make such an effort, no matter the weather or location.”


Navid’s brother said, “Although Navid is non-verbal, the expressions he shows when engaging with the Baha’i’ Community is an expression of joy and happiness. It is also such a sense of belonging for Navid, as he will sit and just listen to the Baha’i’ members as they engage and share stories with him in the Persian language of Farsi … it is very warming to see.”


Staff also accommodate flexibility around the staffing roster, making sure Navid is able to be included in the community.


Stories like Navid’s are plentiful around Mosaic’s homes. Clare McAlaney, Head of Marketing, has been ‘blown away’ by the authenticity of support workers. When she recently asked one team their ‘why’, there was commonality of “I get to live my higher purpose and make a difference” in all the responses.


Pippa Cebis, Mosaic CEO, said of the nominations and finalist achievement, “Our team is dedicated to providing the best care 100% of the time. More than that, they are committed to creating opportunities and empowering lives to truly make a difference in our community.


“Awards like this are an important way for families and those living with disability to celebrate inclusion, something many of us take for granted. The more ways we can include every person in our community the better.


She adds, “The work our staff do goes far beyond day-to-day support.

“It is about being an active part of your community. And as humans, in our view, that is every person’s right.”


Photo: Jack and Senior Community Coordinator, Rebecca Evans, proudly display the finalist certificate

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