Jay & Seb’s Journey

Seb and Jay

In 2020 Jay Minogue won the Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion category of the WA Disability Support Awards for his work supporting his client Seb to follow his dream of becoming a musician and performing live. The award ceremony was delayed until September 2021, when Seb and Jay had the opportunity to perform together in front of a crowd of over 800 people.

Seb and Jay performed their first live gig together at the Brass Monkey to rave reviews. Since then, Jay regularly accompanies Seb’s vocals by playing guitar. They work together through the practicalities of booking gigs, sourcing professional singing coaches, transcribing Seb’s original songs and rehearsing.

Marcelle & James’s Journey

Marcelle & James

Marcelle has been working with Mosaic for five years and is one of our Home and Community Leaders. He recently spent time helping one of his clients James, who is an avid Docker’s fan, to personalise his room by painting a wall purple. Being an Eagles supporter could have made that task challenging for Marcelle, but as he said, “It’s not about me or my preferences.” Marcelle drew on his previous experience working as a painter and created a special marbled look, helping to make James’s room even more uniquely his.

Everyone is an individual. It’s about focusing on each person’s individuality and working with them to deliver those touches that will help them truly feel the house is their home. It’s their personal space so it needs to reflect them.

Wayne’s Journey

Wayne on the Leeuwin

After a two-year postponement due to the pandemic, in early February 2022 Wayne had the opportunity to undertake a five-day voyage aboard the Leeuwin II, sailing between Fremantle and Rottnest. Sponsored by Mosaic, Wayne took part in the annual Ultimate Challenge which is a personal development program for people with disability to strengthen self-esteem, self‑confidence and self-efficacy.

We were delighted to hear that Wayne had a fabulous time aboard and enjoyed such activities as climbing the mast and night watch duties. He describes the trip as “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had” and said that he returned from the trip a more positive person. Wayne did such a great job onboard that he has been invited back as a volunteer to help facilitate the experience for others which he is very excited about. Congratulations Wayne on completing this journey to achieve your goal!

Janine’s Journey

Janines Story

Janine lives with her elderly father Edward. Independent in most areas of her life, Janine is supported by our Community Service team to assist her to access social support, her local community and medical appointments. We also work alongside Janine to support her to achieve her personal goals.

One of Janine’s goals has been to go away on a holiday – something she had never done. Our team supported Janine with the research and planning process so she could experience a holiday in her destination of choice – Mandurah.  Janine had a fabulous time in Mandurah and was away for two nights and three days. Having enjoyed it so much, Janine is currently thinking of an overseas trip when our borders open.

Wayne’s Journey

One of Wayne’s goals has been to increase his participation in the workforce and find a new job. We encouraged him to look up volunteering opportunities online, after which he independently filled out online applications and then heard back from Good Sammy. They invited Wayne to a meet with them and he worked a few ‘buddy shifts’ at one of their stores. Wayne received great feedback from the Manager about his diligence and willingness to work as independently as possible. To officially begin volunteering, Wayne then completed the NDIS Worker Orientation Module, NDIS Worker Screening Check and a Police Check, supported throughout by the Mosaic Community Access and Support team.

Wayne is excited and motivated by the possibilities and opportunities to come from volunteering at Good Sammy and is looking forward to the future. Through volunteering he hopes to be connected to Supported Employment and ultimately to Open Employment.

Tracey’s Journey

Traceys Journey

Tracey lives at home with her parents and is supported by Mosaic to connect with and access the community each week.  Writing is one one of Tracey’s passions and she is an accomplished children’s book author. We were delighted for Tracey when she released her fourth book this year. 

Called ‘I Can and I Will Hill’ the book features a journey where many dinosaurs, including Sophie, want to go on an adventure.  After they set off they encounter rain, mud and an unsteady terrain.  They persist and help each other through their journey, and although Sophie struggles she doesn’t want to give up.  She wants to feel included in climbing the hill and playing and eating like the other dinosaurs and we learn from Sophie’s determination that when she believes that she can, that’s exactly what she does. What a wonderful message for everyone!

Christie’s Journey

Christie and her nephew

At the same time that Christie lost the ability to be independently mobile and needed to utilise a power wheelchair on a full-time basis, she was also out told by her doctor that to be listed for a vital kidney transplant she needed to lose a significant amount of weight. In her words she was struggling to come to terms with her disability and became quite depressed.

The Mosaic support team helped Christie to achieve this critically important goal by focussing on her food choices, shopping goals and cooking skills. They advocated to obtain the equipment needed for Christie to both exercise and cook safely and celebrated with her when she reached her goal weight and was placed on the transplant list.

Christie was so impressed with her support team that she wrote a submission and entered them in the 2021 NDS Disability Support Awards.

“After spending many years being isolated by my disabilities and becoming in many ways institutionalised from spending almost a year hospitalised, I have finally reached a point where I am enjoying lunches out with friends and discovering hobbies I enjoy. My support staff have gone above and beyond to create a level of care that works with me and for me, and they all bring something to the table that enhances my life and creates a quality that I could never have dreamt of.”

They never stop to think twice about finding creative ways to support me, they encourage me, counsel me and most importantly… they just care about me which is something that is life changing.

Tammy’s Journey


One of Mosaic’s values is that we connect and collaborate. Of course, connection can take many different forms, but one of the most beautiful ways of connecting occurs when there are 2 people who just love being in each other’s company.

Tammy has called one of Mosaic’s supported living houses home since 2012. Tammy really enjoys volunteering at the Salvos, and in her spare time, she’ll usually be found sewing, knitting, creating other crafts, or adding to her impressive collection of special ornaments.

The most important thing in Tammy’s life though is her relationship with Blake. For the last four years Tammy and Blake have been inseparable. With the support of Mosaic staff, they go on dates and adventures together, and the way that Tammy lights up when Blake brings her flowers is a joy to see. We are privileged to be able to support Tammy to maintain her loving connection with Blake.

Dieter’s Journey

Dieter lived in a Mosaic home for 12 years. His health had been in natural decline over a number of years, with Mosaic staff progressively responding to his changing needs, helping to embrace and use equipment to keep him independent and safe.

During a hospital stay initiated by a rapid health decline, Dieter was given the news that his condition was now palliative and he needed end of life care. Dieter told us he didn’t want to remain in hospital. He really wanted to go home to pass away.

Mosaic collaborated with Dieter, his family and his health professionals to ensure all the correct supports were in place not only for Dieter but for his family and his housemates.

Dieter passed away at home peacefully. Mosaic feels very proud and honoured that we were able to respect his wishes and provide the support he needed for his end of life journey on his terms.

Rachel’s Journey


Rachel, like her Mum, is a strong and positive woman who finds something to be happy about every day, and we are proud to play a small part in her journey.

Rachel lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which she describes as being an invisible illness – it’s a connective tissue disorder that leaves her joints weak and unstable with constant and painful dislocations that requires her to use a wheelchair. 23 years old, Rachel lives with her Mum who is her primary carer.

Our support workers provide Rachel with personal care assistance and provide transport to key appointments. They also help out with Mary, her assistance dog and Truffles, her long neck turtle.

It’s no secret that parents will always put the needs of their children first, but we also know that it is important for them to look after their own health and wellbeing, especially when they are also caring for another person. That’s why it’s important to us that by supporting Rachel we are also providing the opportunity for her Mum to have some down-time, look after her own wellbeing, and keep up her energy and vitality.