When we come together as a team and community, we can create new possibilities and transform lives. So, join us.

Together, we’re stronger.

A mosaic is created from a myriad of pieces, all unique, colourful and beautiful in their own way. But when you put these pieces together, you create something more. Something special. This is what we do at Mosaic.

Strength in diversity.

Mosaic is for everyone. We all have something to contribute to the greater good and we all reap the rewards. Clients and their families. Employees and volunteers. Supporters and corporate partners. Everyone.

Join our growing team.

Since we started out in 1992, we’ve continually grown to meet the changing needs of people with disability. It means that, today, you’ll find a wide range of rewarding careers and volunteering opportunities within our team.

Work with us

Become a life-changing partner.

Explore the range of corporate partnership and sponsorship options available at Mosaic. It’s an opportunity to transform the lives of people with disability, as well as your brand’s profile in the community.

Partner with us

Make a donation.

Every donation we receive supports our frontline services for people with disability in Perth and their families. Find out more about making a donation or bequest that transforms lives.

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