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NDIS Occupational Therapy Services

Speak to our NDIS Occupational Therapy team. Learn about our therapy services, NDIS rates and how we’ll help you build the skills to live your best life.

From daily tasks to a more independent life.

More and more people living with a permanent and significant disability in Perth are using the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to access our occupational therapy services and build their day-to-day life skills, confidence and independence.

How our NDIS Occupational Therapists can help you.

From being able to take a shower and dressing for the day to getting more sunshine and socialising, from making breakfast to achieving a lifetime ambition, whatever you want to do, we'll work with you to make it happen.

Want to be more independent?

Ready to move out of home and into your own? Our Occupational Therapy team can help assess your home and living needs and make recommendations, so you have the supports and home modifications you need to live independently.

Want to study or get more out of your work?

Keen to get a new job or try a different one? Want to gain a qualification or further your education? Thinking of setting up your own small business?

Our Occupational Therapists work with you to develop the strategies and practical skills you need to realise your employment goals.

Fund your occupational therapy services with the NDIS.

Whether you already have funding for occupational therapy or you’re just finding out about NDIS rates, our NDIS Occupational Therapy team can help you develop all sorts of skills that enable you to carry out daily tasks and live the life you choose, including:

  • developing day-to-day self-care, problem solving and home skills
  • using everyday equipment and assistive technology
  • getting out, doing daily activities and things in the community
  • improving your motor skills, physical health and wellbeing
  • adapting your home to suit you (home modifications)
  • managing your emotions and self-regulation
  • managing life transitions, right through to continuing to live in your community as you grow older.

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What funding do you need in your NDIS plan for occupational therapy?

You need ‘Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living’ funding in your NDIS plan and you’ll need funding for a minimum of 10 hours within your current plan period. Contact us to find out more about our NDIS rates.

Can you provide a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)?

Our NDIS Occupational Therapy team may conduct an initial assessment at your first appointment. This enables our Occupational Therapists to understand your strengths and any challenges you are facing and then provide recommendations for further NDIS funded supports and services.

Once we understand your current skills and what you want to achieve, we can help you develop the skills you need to do the things you want, like improving your independence and being more active in your community. 

How our Occupational Therapy team can help you.

You can use our NDIS occupational therapy services to improve your skills in any area of your life and, in turn, your physical and mental health.

Our Occupational Therapists are here to conduct a range of assessments and work with you to develop and deliver personalised therapy plans:

  • personal care management
  • household management (budgeting, cleaning, meal preparation, daily routine schedules)
  • safety management (home risk assessments, kitchen safety, transport/ACROD assessments, manual handling)
  • emotion regulation assessments
  • sensory assessments
  • minor home modifications
  • assistive technology recommendations
  • assistive technology funding applications


Work with us

"I really appreciate the way Seb and Elizabeth are supporting Jen and making sure I am informed of everything that’s happening."


Frequently asked questions about occupational therapy

How long will I have to wait to see an occupational therapist?

When you contact our NDIS Occupational Therapy team, you’ll receive a reply within two business days. Once we have a signed service agreement in place, we’ll arrange an initial visit from an Occupational Therapist within two weeks. Contact us for more information about the process.

I live outside Perth. Can I use your occupational therapy services?

Our Occupational Therapy team supports people with disability aged 16 or over who live within 30 minutes of Jandakot, just south of Perth. So, if you live within this area, you can access our NDIS occupational therapy services.

Do your therapists come to me, or do I come to you?

Whatever works for you. Whether your Occupational Therapist visits you, or you visit our Occupational Therapy team, we’ll maintain strict COVID-safe protocols. It’s also worth noting we offer flexible appointment hours and online therapy options.

Are your therapists willing to work with other professionals in my life?

Absolutely. While our NDIS Occupational Therapists provide a broad range of services for people with disability, we can work closely with other providers to deliver the support you need.

"I wasn’t sure, I had no idea how the NDIS worked. But I knew it was going to be helpful to me. Since I met Seb, I have gained the insight of his support, consistency, commitment and belief and how it has given me the hope to recover and improve my quality of life, to immerse back into society. After being alone for 20 years I hope to meet a suitable companion, with the ideal of re-entering the workforce. I now feel that my life is moving in the direction it needs to in order for me to maintain my physical, emotional, and mental health."


Occupational therapy and our NDIS rates.

The NDIS can be a complicated system to navigate, which is why we also provide NDIS Support Coordination services. Our Support Coordinators will gladly talk to you about your plan and how to make the most of your funding.

Similarly, your Mosaic Occupational Therapist can also collaborate with a support coordinator outside Mosaic if that’s your preference, or work in partnership with your LAC.

But in summary, our occupational therapy rates adhere to the NDIS set pricing guide. If you’d like to find out more about our NDIS rates or need help understanding the NDIS and how to use your NDIS funding, please contact our friendly team.

Learn more about our occupational therapy services.

Whether you’ve got a question about NDIS rates and funding or you’d like to talk to one of our highly qualified Occupational Therapists about how we can help you live your best life, our NDIS Occupational Therapy team is here to help.

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