Hayden Bristow

Senior Occupational Therapist

Introducing Hayden, our dedicated Senior Occupational Therapist at Mosaic.

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, Hayden embarked on a journey that led to a profound passion for occupational therapy. Armed with a Bachelor of Health Science in Occupational Therapy, Hayden's career has been marked by diverse experiences.

Following graduation Hayden ventured to New South Wales, where he delved into various community aged care roles and embraced the world of contracting. His adventurous spirit then took him abroad for five years, where he discovered his talents as a carpenter and immersed himself in the enchanting world of the French language, residing in the province of Quebec.

Hayden's professional expertise shines in areas such as dementia care, home modifications, and Assistive Technology, as well as physical rehabilitation. His commitment to improving the lives of those he supports is evident in his work.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Hayden finds solace and exhilaration in his personal interests. His love for rock climbing challenges him to new heights, while his passion for martial arts instils discipline and focus. Additionally, he revels in the camaraderie of sports, enjoying the rugged excitement of rugby and the finesse of tennis.

Hayden's unique journey, diverse skills, and unwavering commitment make him a valuable asset to the Mosaic team, positively impacting the lives of those he supports.

Languages spoken: English, French & learning Spanish

Ian Tam

Occupational Therapist

Introducing Ian, our dedicated Occupational Therapist at Mosaic!

A graduate of Curtin University with a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy, Ian brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to his role. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he seized opportunities to gain invaluable clinical experience across a diverse range of areas, including disability support, environmental modifications, mental health, assistive technologies, and aged care.

Ian's expertise lies in crafting personalized interventions that empower individuals to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. His compassionate approach and deep understanding of various occupational therapy techniques make him an invaluable ally to those he supports.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Ian has a colourful range of interests and hobbies. As an accomplished violinist, he finds solace and creativity in playing soulful melodies. With an appetite for knowledge, he indulges in books that broaden his horizons and films that transport him to new worlds of imagination.

Ian's dedication to enriching lives through occupational therapy and his diverse range of interests make him an invaluable asset to the Mosaic team.

Languages spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin.