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Applauding top performance in supporting social inclusion

All of us at Mosaic Community Care are honoured to see our team members nominated and awarded in the prestigious WA Disability Support Awards 2020. Winner, Jay Minogue, and nominees Rebecca Evans, Sam Poletti and Kate Miocevich were recognised for their outstanding contribution to supporting social inclusion and working in partnership with people with disability to achieve their goals.

Huge congrats to Jay and Seb

Support Worker Jay Minogue was nominated by Seb Anthony for empowering him to follow his dream of becoming a musician and performing live.


Jay Minogue and Seb Anthony

Jay Minogue and Seb Anthony


Music and singing had always been Seb’s greatest passion, but it wasn’t until he met and began practicing with Jay (who is a vocalist and guitarist himself) that he finally gained the support, confidence and connections within Perth’s music scene to pursue his dream.


Jay organised professional voice coaching for Seb, and after months of intense practice together Seb and Jay performed their first live gig at the Brass Monkey Hotel to rave reviews. The duo has now performed together on Perth’s Friday night pub circuit on many occasions, and the video of their Brass Monkey performance has been viewed more than 5,000 times on Facebook.


“It’s been a really good opportunity to get out there and do something that has always been close to my heart ever since I was a little kid. And through working with Jay, I’ve transformed stronger than ever in the last couple of years of my life. I’ve started to really believe in myself.” Seb Anthony.


On the morning of the WA Disability Support Awards 2020, Jay was announced the Winner for Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion and Seb was proud to be present when Jay received his award.

Jay Minogue and Seb Anthony

Jay Minogue and Seb Anthony


“I really can’t thank the team enough for being in our corner every step of the way. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with Seb and doing all the great things we have done – and hopefully a lot more things to come.” – Jay Minogue


Seb and Jay are now getting back into practicing and planning more live performances, and Seb’s growth as a musician has even extended to writing and performing his own songs. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Singing the praises of all our duos, trios and groups

“I’m so very proud of the team and how they live the Mosaic values every day, to connect and collaborate and seek to empower people with disabilities. It’s so easy to be in the community and yet not be a part of it when you’re living with a disability. And it’s thanks to our amazing people, who all go beyond ordinary standards of service, that our Mosaic Community is so closely connected to the wider community and play an active part in it every day.” CEO, Pippa Cebis.


Sam Poletti, Tracey Hicks (client) and Rebecca Evans


Sam Poletti and Kate Miocevich

Sam Poletti and Kate Miocevich


Rebecca Evans, Sam Poletti and Kate Miocevich were also nominated by Tracey Hicks in the Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion category (Teams division) of the WA Disability Support Awards 2020.

The trio has worked in close collaboration to provide Tracey with consistent physical and emotional support to overcome challenges and stay connected to her community.


“They have all shown patience and understanding, encouraging me to do things independently and helping me get through a very challenging year in my life.” – Tracey Hicks.

Working with you to achieve your goals too.

The Mosaic team prides itself on going beyond ordinary standards of service and providing highly individualised support to optimise quality of life and inclusion of people with disability. Let’s talk about how we can work with you to achieve your goals.


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