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Assistive Technologies


MOSAIC – developing assistive technology solutions

Assistive technology is any form of technology that helps an individual to complete a task. This can be anything from a TV remote with large and clear buttons to a wheelchair or even a computer application. Assistive technology increases the ease and importantly the safety with which tasks can be performed. For example grab bars can be placed around a home in areas where a person requires extra help in getting up or walking from room to room.

This area is developing rapidly with new and sophisticated technologies being developed every day. Mosaic staff, as part of our planning process, will work with you to develop the best mix of technologies to meet your needs, choices, goals and aspirations.

Some of the many areas where assistive technology provides solutions are:

  • Vision and hearing aids (for example: prescription glasses, hearing aids and research is currently being done on developing a computer interface with the brain in which the user can use communication softer to type out words by simply imagining the movement of his or her hand.
  • Bathing, showering and toileting (for example: Shower rails, bathroom mats and shower chairs.
  • Child assistive technologies (for example: Tablets and smart phones, communication picture boards and many different learning software applications.
  • Communication (For example: communication software and applications, speech generating devices and picture boards.)
  • Computer access (For example: Coloured keyboards, head operated mouse options and eye gaze control software and hardware.)
  • Design and building for access and safety (For example: grab bars, ramps and home automisation.)
  • Driving control modifications (For example: foot steering vehicle conversion, accelerating and braking hand controls and remote vehicle control.)
  • Eating and drinking (For example: cups with modified handles, utensils with modified grips and insulated plates/bowls.)
  • Kitchen and household tasks (For example: shut off devices (e.g. toaster, oven.), reaching tools and grip mats.)
  • Lifting and transferring people (For example: vehicle hoists, bath hoists and pool hoists.)
  • Office, workplace and school (For example: book readers, foot operated mouse and software to assist mouse control.)
  • Personal care and dressing (For example: button hook, pill organisers and reminders.)
  • Recreation, leisure and sports (For example: exercise equipment, audible sports balls and sport wheelchairs.)
  • Safety and health management (For example: alert and safety devices, medication management and protective clothing.)
  • Scooters, wheelchairs and wheeled mobility (For example: Powered wheelchairs, ramps and all terrain wheelchairs.)
  • Seating, sleeping and body support (For example: Leg supports, Neck supports and fall alarms.)
  • Standing aids (For example: Standing frame, Tilt tables and prone standers.)
  • Switches and remote controls (For example: Big button remotes, smart home automation and voice operated remote controls.)
  • Telephones intercoms and call systems (For example: Smart phones, mobile phones with GPS and monitored emergency call systems.)


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Find out about Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities.

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