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Tamara’s Heartwarming Story


Tammy has been with Mosaic for five years and has made significant improvements in confidence and attitude towards life in this time. She is volunteering at a ‘ Salvos’ shop every Thursday which has given her new people skills and a feeling of being valued as a staff member. Tammy recently said, “I can’t have any appointments on a Thursday because they need me at work”, which shows her commitment to her job and sense of self value.
One of Tammy’s hobbies is sewing and she has created several items, including a dress for her young niece and cot sheets. Her sewing skills have improved greatly in the last six months.
Another interest Tammy enjoys is dance inclusion, which involves a gathering of people expressing themselves through music and instruments and a trip to the E-Shed disco in Fremantle every Friday night is the highlight of her week as she enjoys dancing with her new friend ‘Blake’.
Tammy also enjoys her weekly session with her physiotherapist, Jorja. They work on a simple exercise routine which has resulted in her losing some weight and the Mosaic team members encourage and support her to maintain this routine through the week.
Tammy is very organised in her day-to-day routines, demonstrating good structure in planning her day and attending to most of her daily routines by herself. She is a joy to support, as she always has a positive attitude in her independence and her willingness to learn.

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