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Positive Behaviour Support

Fully qualified and dedicated specialists are available to gain a better understanding of individual behaviours and to develop effective strategies to reduce and eliminate challenging behaviours or restrictive practices.


‘Any behaviour that is a barrier to a person participating in and contributing to their community (including both active and passive behaviours) that undermines, directly or indirectly, a person’s rights, dignity or quality of life and/or poses a risk to the health and safety of a person with whom they live or work’ (Australian Psychological Society, 2010)

The primary goal of positive behaviour support is to maximise quality of life and minimise behaviours of concern (Disability Services Commission, 2012).

Positive behaviour support recognises that all people, regardless of their behaviour, are endowed with basic human rights and that any assessment, intervention or support should be respectful of those human rights and to exercise these rights. Positive behaviour support recognizes that all human behaviour serves a purpose, including those behaviours that are deemed to be behaviours of concern. Positive Behaviour support is based on a functional assessment and is focussed on positive behaviour and improved quality of life. It commences with person centered planning and leads to an individualised service based on effective and ethical practice , designed to achieve outcomes that address a person’s wants and needs.


  • It can help an individual better understand their daily life by using creative ways of communicating with them.
  • Making environmental changes to assist individuals to live and work better.
  • Improving the individual’s lifestyle with interesting and enjoyable activities to keep them involved and connected with their community. Examples included such as helping to gain employment, take part in sporting and recreational events or other activities
  • Assisting individuals to develop and maintain meaningful and positive relationships with other people.

Tamara’s Heartwarming Story

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They care for the individual and its not just a job, they take it very seriously. Staff are very effective and very efficient.



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